Purrstige Traits

Every CryptoKitty is born with a set of 48 genes. Some of those genes are expressed visually; we call those Cattributes, and they define your Kitty’s art, like what shape of ears it has. Others are hidden, and can be found using third-party tools (we’ll hook you up with those later in the article).

Purrstige Traits are a very special kind of Cattribute. They’re challenging to breed, rewarding to unlock, and create some of CryptoKitties’ coolest looking cats.

What are Purrstige Traits?

Purrstige Traits are Cattributes that are only breedable for a limited amount of time. Every Purrstige Trait has a special recipe that needs both Cattributes and hidden genes.

To breed a kitten with a Purrstige Trait, a player needs the right combination of Cattributes and hidden genes in the two parent cats.

Why breed Purrstige Traits?

Breeding a Purrstige Trait can be challenging, but it’s rewarding too. Because Purrstige Traits are time-limited, they’re particularly rare — and especially valued as a result.

Plus, Purrstige Traits are always a nice visual treat, creating some of the game’s most beautiful and unique cats.

How do you breed Purrstige Traits?

Check out the step-by-step guide about how to breed the latest Purrstige traits.

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