Exclusive Cats

Exclusive Cats are similar to Fancy Cats, except even more rare! Often an Exclusive will be the only cat of its kind, like Cathena, while sometimes there will be a handful, like the KnightKitties. Exclusive Cats often commemorate an event and serve a specific purpose. Exclusive cats cannot be bred – breeding an Exclusive with another cat, regular or Fancy, will result in another regular or Fancy CryptoKitty. Every Exclusive cat is specially introduced into the game by us.

To create an Exclusive we overwrite the artwork of a “normal” cat. There are a few conditions that can lead us to “overwrite” a Kitty’s artwork to create an Exclusive Cat.

Cathena, for instance, was the 500,000th cat born. In honour of that impressive milestone, the breeder who produced that cat was delighted to discover that it came out not as a simple Kitty with a blend of Cattributes, but as a one-of-a-kind Exclusive Cat! You can see from Cathena’s children that breeding an Exclusive Cat doesn’t create another Exclusive — the special art doesn’t affect the cat’s genes. Instead, the kittens look like whatever Cathena would have looked like if we hadn’t overwritten the artwork. If you Sire with Cathena, you will never get another Cathena. That’s what makes them — well, Exclusive!

We sometimes make Exclusive Cats to recognize specific players For instance, we made 11 Exclusive KnightKitties to reward our community mods. Those were handed out directly to the players we were honouring.

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