Family Jewels

Family Jewels (AKA “enhanced Cattributes”) were added to CryptoKitties in February 2018 and gave your Kitties the Jewels to prove their royal bloodlines!

Jewels are rewarded to the first Kitties to discover Mewtations (new Cattributes), and those jewels may be inherited by their descendants. Here’s how they work.

Mewtation Jewels

The first Kitties that introduce a new Cattribute to their family tree are rewarded with a Mewtation Jewel. The type of jewel (diamond, gilded, amethyst, or lapis) depends on how early on the Kitty discovered the Mewtation.

  1. Diamond gets awarded to the first ever cat that claims a mutation gene.

  2. Gilded goes to the next 9 cats with that gene.

  3. Amethyst to the next 90 Kitties.

  4. Lapis for the next 400 Kitties.

Cattribute Jewels

After a Mewtation Jewel is awarded, all the Kitty’s descendants have the opportunity to claim it as a Cattribute jewel IF they share the same Cattribute as the jeweled kitty. Even if it disappears for several generations, the jewel may be reclaimed by any descendant who inherits or discovers the same Cattribute as its jeweled ancestor.

Still don’t get it?

Here’s how a Kitty’s Cattribute jewels are determined: for each of its traits, your Kitty looks back through its entire family tree. If any of its ancestors had a jewel for that trait, your Kitty claims it too.

Some of the finer details

If your Kitty is descended from both a diamond bobtail AND a lapis bobtail, it will get the greater jewel (the diamond).

The first Kitty to discover a Mewtation gets a spinning pink diamond. Did you catch that? Spinning! Cats go wild for it.

The Founder Cats (Kitties #1–100) do not have jewels (nor does the jaguar cattribute). The Founder Cats do, however, have Founder Badges.

This is Roseheart (#507300). She’s descended from the first ‘ganado’ Kitty and the first ‘cottoncandy’ Kitty (and many other notable ancestors as well).

Neither of her parents have ‘norwegianforest’ genes (Roseheart discovered it herself) but because her great-uncle Harry Furball was a ‘norwegianforest’ pioneer, she still has a right to claim his amethyst next to her Cattribute.

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