Using Search Filters

There are a lot of Kitties out there – well over a million with thousands more born every day. So how are you supposed to find the specific Kitty you’re looking for?

With search filters, of course. Many players don’t know that the CryptoKitties search function has powerful filters to help them find their dream Kitty. This article will explain some of those search filters and how to use them.

General note: Most search filters can be used with a prefixed minus sign ‘-’ to exclude matches from your search results. All the filters in this guide can be combined to help you find your purrfect kitty.

Get clicky with checkboxes

How much is that Kitty in the window? If you only want to see Kitties that are for sale, use the checkbox below the search bar to limit your search. Same goes for Kitties that are up for Sire, or Kitties that aren’t listed at all. If you want to view all the Kitties, just check all the boxes.

Search terms will make you feel like Purrlock Holmes

Each frisky feline has Cattributes that describe its features (like eyes, fur, colors, etc.). You can type the names of Cattributes into the search bar (separated by a space) to see only the cats with those Cattributes. For example, if you want a cloudwhite cat with googly eyes, type cloudwhite googly into the search bar.

(To see a list of all the Cattributes to choose from, click on “View all searchable tags” from the search bar.)

You can also specify which Cattributes you want excluded from the search by using this secret trick. Type in -cattribute: and then list the Cattributes you want excluded, separated by a comma, but no spaces. For example, -cattribute:chameleon,elk,stunned.

Kitty Qualities

Gen: gen searches for specific generations, like gen:3, ranges of generations like gen:1-3, or, by separating generations with a comma, you can search for a selection of specific generations. Entering gen:100,1000, for example, would find you Kitties only of Gen 100 and Gen 1000. You can also exclude any of the matches from your results using the minus ‘-’ prefix, like -gen:0.

Cooldown: Use cooldown to find a specific cooldown, like cooldown:fast, multiple cooldowns separated with commas, like cooldown:fast,swift, or to exclude specific cooldowns, like -cooldown:catatonic.

Id: id Allows you to find specific kitty IDs like id:1, ranges like id:1-100, or, by separating the ID numbers with a comma, you can search a selection of specific ID numbers. Entering id:1,500000,1000000, for instance, would find you the three specific Kitties with those ID numbers. You can also exclude ID numbers by using the ‘-’ key, like -id:1-100.

Kitty Types

Type: type allows you to filter different Kitty, well, types. Use type:exclusive, type:fancy, type:normal, or combine: type:normal,fancy. Remove the filter to view all types.

Fancy: As you may have noticed by searching for Fancy Cats via your Special Cat Codex, this filter is used to find Fancy Cats. You can use it to find specific Fancies, like fancy:Earnie, multiple Fancies by separating them with commas like fancy:Lulu,Atlas or to exclude certain fancies from your results by searching for something like type:fancy -fancy:Page,Purrity,ChatPlongeur.

Exclusive: This works the same as the above Fancy filter, but swap in the term exclusive. For example: exclusive:Vulcant.

Kitty Prices

Price: Find specific prices like price:0.005 or price ranges like price:1.6-2. The minus ‘-’ prefix cannot be used with this filter.

maxPrice: Add a max price filter to find any kitties up to your desired price, e.g. maxPrice:0.005.

minPrice: Similar to the above, this excludes any kitties below your desired price, for example, minPrice:0.01.

Other filters

Mewtation: You can find any type of Mewtation with these filters:

Unfortunately, adding a Cattribute to these filters doesn’t find the Mewtations of that specific Cattribute.

Preggers: Find any kitties that are currently Preggers by searching preggers:true, or exclude any kitties that are currently pregnant by searching preggers:false. These can come in handy when searching through your own collection.

Resting: Does the same as the above, but for Resting kitties. Try out resting:true and resting:false. Like the Preggers filter, this one comes in handy when browsing through your own collection.

Happy searching!

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