Every Kitty’s appearance is determined by Cattributes in its genetic code (except for Fancy Cats, but more on that here). Each Cattribute is responsible for a different trait of a Kitty, and together they combine to make each unique cat. Between the many categories there are billions of possible combinations.

Normal/Base Traits

This is a general term for standard traits that are found in Generation-0 Kitties.

Hidden Genes

Hidden genes appear in the gene sequences of every Kitty, but only in hidden positions, and bear no influence on the Kitty’s appearance. When cats with hidden genes breed, there is a chance for a gene swap to occur which can cause the gene to move to the primary position and show up as Cattributes in their offspring.

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Mutation Traits

Occasionally two traits can interact to create a mutation, a Cattribute present in a newborn Kitty that does not appear in the genes of either parent. As they require breeding to generate, mutated genes can never appear in a Gen 0 Kitty.

Since mutations require specific breeding pairs and luck to manifest in the Kitty population, early generation cats with mutations are more scarce. Multiple generations are required to birth a Kitty that has purebred mutated genes. Mutated genes can also often pair together to create new mutated genes; the progression of mutations goes: Base genes, M1 genes, M2 genes, M3, genes, and one possible M4 gene from each trait category.

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