Offers lets you make a bid, in ETH, on any Kitty in the game, even if it’s not up for sale. So if you find a Kitty you love, you could entice the owner to part with it for the right price.

Here’s where it gets interesting: another player can bid more and outbid your offer. In that case, the original bidder must raise their offer or kiss the Kitty goodbye.

You can bid on any Kitty in the game. If an Offer isn’t accepted or declined, it expires after a period of time.

The owner only sees the highest current bid on their Kitty. So if someone outbids you –– you’ll get notified if they do –– raise your offer right away to ensure it's on top.

Placing an offer incurs a fee which is a percentage of the total offer value. The entire sum of the offer, plus the fee, is collected up front. How much the bidder actually gets charged at the end of the offer, however, depends on what happens.

  • If the offer is accepted or canceled, the offer fee is taken.

  • A smaller flat fee is taken when offers are expired or outbid.

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