Ways to play

Last updated 3 days ago

There are almost as many ways to play CryptoKitties as there are Kitties to collect – that’s part of the fun. Here we put together five player types as examples of a few different ways you can approach CryptoKitties.

The Kitty Collector

The Collector loves every cat, no matter how weird, wild, or wonky. They’re in it purely to amass a huge collection.

The Breeder

The Breeder is a brilliant geneticist. They study their cats’ genomes and experiment with different breeding pairings to create the most unique, rare, and, of course, adorable CryptoKitties.

The Trader

The Trader has mastered the marketplace. They buy and sell the most in-demand Kitties, always closing deals and snatching up assets.

The Fancy Chaser

Oh, you Fancy, huh? The Fancy Chaser adores custom artwork and the thrill of being first to discover new Fancies. They attend every Thursday Purrsday to solve puzzles that unlock the secret recipe of our most exciting cats.

The Trait Chaser

This player can’t wait for traits. They’re always tracking down the latest cattributes and experimenting to be the first to find new mewtations. The Cat Codex is the Trait Chaser’s best friend. The Cat Codex, found on a profile page, keeps track of all the cattributes in a player’s Kitty collection, as well as the cattributes they don’t have yet. To complete the Cat Codex, players must buy or breed Kitties with the missing cattributes. Since new traits are regularly being released, the Trait Chaser is constantly on the prowl for new cattributes.