Stuck Transactions

Last updated 3 months ago

Before we dive into the possible reasons that your transactions may be jammed up, you’ll need an understanding of gas, the fuel that drives transactions the Ethereum network. Read our explainer on gas here.

If you’ve set your gas price too low the network may not allow your transactions to go through. Gas spikes in the Ethereum network may also result in a delay. Since Ethereum transactions get confirmed in the order they’re submitted, any transaction that can’t go through will block all the pending transactions that come after it.

If a transaction won’t go through, you can re-submit it with a higher gas price. To do that, unlock your MetaMask wallet and go to your transaction history. Select the oldest pending transaction and click on this option: “Taking too long? Retry with a higher gas price here.”

At this point you should check for a currently acceptable gas price. We recommend you use the amount labelled “Gas Price Std (Gwei)” as it should be the best value between speed and cost. Update your transaction with that gas price, hit “Accept,” and it should go through shortly.